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AB-SALEN is big enough to handle "school seating" for about 80 people and "Cinema seating" for about 100 people.

When it comes to technology it offer audio and music equipment as well as projector.

AB-SALEN is rented with its standard furniture and the tenant is responsible for furnishing as well as cleaning. The hotel will gladly assist you with furnishing, cleaning as well as conference facilities according to price list.

Please note that as a tenant you are expected to have the technical skills required. The hotel is only able to assist with technical expertise if specifically agreed before.

Conference service

In order to make it easier for you to rent the premises we can offer conference services for a fee. Then we take care of cleaning, furniture for the desired sitting, supply of pens, blocks etc.

There is also the possibility of conference coffee / sandwiches etc after ordering.

Some price examples:

Hotel breakfast 89 kr

Coffee / carrot cake / brownie / fralla 56 kr (prices including VAT)


AB-Salen - Pris kl 8-17 Vardagar

Minimihyra (2h) 1 200 kr + 350 kr/h utöver det. Dygnshyra 4600 kr

AB-Salen - Pris kväll efter kl 17 och Helg

AB-Salen - Minimihyra (2h) 1000 kr + 300 kr/h utöver det. Dygnshyra 3 700 kr


Vid bokningar av fler salar, återkommande bokningar etc. lämnas pris på förfrågan

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Rental rules


The rentalrules must be read and followed by all who rent the premises.

When you sign out the keys, you also sign, that you have taken part of the rental rules.

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