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Fully equipped kitchen with everything that may be needed in the form of professional equipment, machines, etc.

Possibility to rent a kitchen is provided only to those who have received a special kitchen review with the representative of the property owner. Kitchen review is ongoing throughout the year and time is determined in consultation with the person appointed by the property owner. For more info call / email us.

Conference service

In order to make it easier for you to rent the premises we can offer conference services for a fee. Then we take care of cleaning, furniture for the desired sitting, supply of pens, blocks etc.

There is also the possibility of conference coffee / sandwiches etc after ordering.

Some price examples:

Hotel breakfast 119 kr



Minimumrent (2h) 750 SEK + 200 SEK/h cost after. Daily 2200 SEK


Vid bokningar av fler salar, återkommande bokningar etc. lämnas pris på förfrågan

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Rental rules


The rentalrules must be read and followed by all who rent the premises.

When you sign out the keys, you also sign, that you have taken part of the rental rules.

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